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Boutique Flow lyrics – Soon I’ll Be In Cali


Boutique Flow lyrics – Soon I’ll Be In Cali

Boutique Flow lyrics – Soon I’ll Be In Cali

Soon I’ll Be In Cali
Let’s get to business

Doing 80 in my dad’s Saab on a starry night
Not a car in sight, me and my black heart
Face is mangled, my mane is tangled
I’m so depraved, grabbing at angels’ ankles
And just dangle, looking for a place to fall
I know my fate already, it’s inescapable
I’m spitting raps like you’re spitting chips
Man I’m spitting for the little guy, never for the privileged
Born from a hailstorm, rains on me everyday
But I stayed on my grind until it went away
Better days came for me, classical underdog
Stay for the others all instead of running off
Such a cunning fox, strong as a young ox
That’s why I smoke a wrapper up until my lungs clog
It’s that boutique flow [x2]

Always crashing, never landing [x3]
Man it’s that boutique flow

My leg goes[?] like the sphinx’s nose man
They think they know all about it, but they really don’t
You need a bigger dose until you’re docile
Swear to god, free above, you got no style
Grey day in the city trying to force a smile
I got my bulldog face on, I’m volatile
Just adventure to the nest of the hornets
Man just cause you want it does not mean you’re ready for it
I know I’m ready for a heavy wallet
I carry the whole world on my shoulders, try to tell me drop it
Flow Moses on the brink of escape facing
Calm seas like the skin of a snake
All my homies still swinging their blade
Know it comes back around like the link of ‘a’ and
Karma’s gonna get us in the end like
Karma is a bitch, can’t ever be your friend, ho
Whatever though, heavy dough
Allday rap for sport, I’m athletico
Get the sweat of your lips son
I ain’t even dropped yet, get off my dick son
I’m a nerdy guy, looking up to cooler guys
Hope nobody calls my bluff, I know it’s all a lie
And I’m full ready, I am now too old to die young
Don’t know how it’s done like a poltergeist


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