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Ciao Bella lyrics – Confessions


Ciao Bella lyrics – Confessions

Ciao Bella lyrics – Confessions

The sun was pouring through the window as Annabel slept
Before she opened her eyes, already dead
The house was so quiet its possible she was alone
A solitude only she could know

If there’s a chance that she’s alive then cut me open
I need to see, I need to breathe
Another day in this place and I’ll be broken
I’m getting closer each and every time

An unsettling feeling in my stomach began to rise and distracted me from reverie
The whole thing had felt like a dream
I opened the letter, inside was one word
You’re going to have to do a lot better than that, sweetheart
All that is left to do now is to get the hell out of here
But first I have to find the book, the journal
The one with the words “The Emptiness” scrawled across the front

(A mirror in disguise tears me in three)
The moon was pouring through the window as she found the rose
(You have no choice but to run, come and get me)
Suddenly before my eyes Annabel spoke
(A mirror filled with lies punishes me)
She said, “Oh, my love take my hand these are eyes you can trust”
(I have no choice but to run, come and find me)
The only thing is it was not her at all

You want me?
Come and get me…

Wake up
(Believe in the unbelievable)
Until we meet again
Ciao, Bella…

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