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La Danse lyrics – Calling Brio


La Danse lyrics – Calling Brio

La Danse lyrics – Calling Brio

La Danse lyrics

Ring the alarm
Hot ass nigga
Big ass head
So my dreams get bigger
Me campaign strong
So my flows get sicker
Confidence bigger then a drunk ass nigga
Mama work graveyard shifts
5 to 9 not a 9 to 5
Shit, she might end up in a graveyard quick
She Dead inside but she gotta provide
My father gotta brand new kidney
While I’m out here hangin with Whitney
I’m guilty
Need whiskey
Plus She a stuck up chick like Whitley
So many paths
Don’t know which one
Peter picked a pepper but I can’t pick one
Niggas get grown but they minds so young
So Me cyant fuck witcha but me cyant go run

I just wanna
I’m feelin like I’m
In a maze
I’m trapped in
I’m Wilin’ out
I’m tryna find me
A bigger route
I just wanna
I’m feelin like
I’m in a maze
The same old things
Like everyday
I’m gettin’ tired
Of everythang
I’m (Runin’)
I’m (Runin’)
I’m (Runin’)
I’m (Runin’)
I’m (Runin’)
I’m (Runin’)
Ah I’m (Runin’)
Ah I’m (Runin’)
Ah I’m (Runin’)
Ah I’m (Runin’)

Westside till I mothafuckin’ die
Kevin got me flowin like I just got baptized
Runnin’ through the money ya money is all lies
Matter for your matter, don’t matter, we all die
Grandfather, Told me things
That I’ll neva forget
Told me, fame and honor
Ain’t bigger then respect
It’s funny we don’t honor the honest we all lie
Pinocchio niggas your noses is all nine
Somthin’ like my dick is
Hate when they mention
Did ya get my mentions
Do you even fuck with a nigga like me?
Will ya bump me in about 3 days?
Really, IDC
Cause everytime a nigga talk
They can’t see
The bigger picture
Fuck yo filter
Me Cyant go run but me Cyant repeat

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