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Come Alive lyrics – Come Alive


Come Alive lyrics – Come Alive

Come Alive lyrics – Come Alive

Come Alive lyrics

I am a wanderer
I never needed anyone
But you’ve stopped me in my tracks
And I like the way you scare me
So let’s leave the past behind
The future’s anybody’s guess
Just give me right now baby
I don’t want to keep my distance anymore

Because I come alive
In your arms, in your arms
You touch me and I
Fall apart, fall apart
Let the world melt away
Blur all the lines between love and the pain
Cause tonight is when I come alive

You are a blinding light
A darkness courses through my veins
And somehow you chose me
I refuse to let you down
So come here a little closer
I’ll love you past the breaking point
You’re what I never wanted
But now I have never wanted something more


If good and evil do exist
And we’re on different sides of it
Take my hand and walk me through the fire


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