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W.H.W. lyrics – Slow Motion


W.H.W. lyrics – Slow Motion

W.H.W. lyrics – Slow Motion

W.H.W. lyrics

[Intro: Sy Ari Da Kid & Jarren Benton]
I’m like whatever
We like whatever
(K-K-Kato on the track, bitch)
She like whatever
I say whatever, however, whatever

[Hook: Sy Ari Da Kid]
I’m like whatever, however, whatever
We like whatever, however, whatever
She like whatever, however, whatever
I say whatever, however, whatever
Pull up on that nigga for that money like whatever
Pull up on your bitch only for the night, however
We can shoot it out, we can fight this, whatever
Whatever, however, whatever

[Verse 1: Jarren Benton]
Okay, I’m back like fat bitch at a buffet
My God, Mister Benton, you’re the shit I must say
Kill them all and then I peel off in the Mustang
Niggas ain’t shit, but a towel bowl stain
Death to the label, disappointing y’all lames
Fuck an AK, I’ll probably stick a fork in yo brains
Excuse me, bitch, while I powder my nose
While I’m gone to the bar tell them bring more drinks
Bullshit walks, the money talks
After I hit the pussy, ho, you have a funny walk
I ain’t your average nigga with a gun and malt liquor
Hit a motherfucker, like a thunderbolt
I’m not a human being, I’m a poltergeist
Shoot a nigga, pop a wheelie on a motorbike
That bitch said you couldn’t poke her right
So she lay the poker face, like it’s poker night
I came turnt down
Loud, got my head spinning like a turn style
Let the booth on fire, let the bitch burn down
Get it ho niggas, while the bitch perm out

[Bridge: Jarren Benton]
My niggas on weed, liquor, syrup, and dust
Remember? Motherfuckers never loved us
It’s the 9536, niggas get bucked
Throw a chair at a motherfucker, tear the club up

[Hook: Sy Ari Da Kid]

[Verse 2: Jarren Benton]
Okay, it’s whatever, nigga, it can get ugly
Pull up in yo hood in a fucking dune buggie
Knock the horse off yo polo bugby
Couple screws loose, bitch, I’m so nutty
Ya, ditch digga for a bitch nigga
Fuck around and get disfigured
Get witter if I mix liquor
Throwing deuces at a whore, if she’s not a dick licker
Sipping 1800 Silver
Bitch nigga better get familiar, Imma kill for my la familia
Put them in a trunk, [?] blood in my interior
Bullets ring out, like I’m out in Syria
East side, ’til I’m floating in the deep sea
Throw a rapper off of high flights, watch his body fly
His body parts flip apart down of Fleet Street
Let a mark try me, like Dej Loaf
Turn his motherfucking brains in the egg yolk
Yeah, ho, you the type to let the feds know
Surrounded by a bunch of snake niggas like deathstroke

[Bridge: Jarren Benton]

[Hook: Sy Ari Da Kid]

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